New Swedish sensing technology detects greenhouse gases


SenseAir in collaboration with the American company RAE Systems is one of five sensor solutions now being tested for methane leakage detection. Methane is a greenhouse gas that has a toxic impact on both humans and the environment.

The well-known American environmental organization EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) has together with seven major oil and gas companies announced a competition to develop methane monitoring equipment, The Methane Challenge. This will help the oil and gas industry to find and fix unwanted methane leaks.

SenseAir has in collaboration with RAE Systems, a division of Honeywell Analytics, developed a mature and production ready solution.

- It feels like a tremendous achievement to have come this far in the competition, given that more than 20 other international companies have already been eliminated. Now it’s only us and four other companies left and that is great. It reinforces our place on the market as a manufacturing research and development company of international standing, says Carl Bengtsson, Technology Account Manager at SenseAir.

Methane Challenge brings SenseAir an opportunity to commercialize a new product, initially developed to measure alcohol in the air – something that is completely in line with the company’s environmental profile. Any leakage counteracts the normal benefit of an energy shift from coal and oil to natural gas, as the release of methane has a negative environmental impact, contributing to the greenhouse effect. The gas is also harmful to both humans and animals.

The contestants will during autumn 2014 test their products at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. In late spring / early summer of 2015, product proposals will go through more extensive testing and evaluation. Pilot production and installation of the products will be the third and final phase and will take place at the end of 2015. Testing and verification will then also take place directly at the oil and gas companies’ facilities.

Other qualified contestants are:
- Oakland University Chemistry Department together with engineers from Michigan State University
- Quanta3, LLC, a scientific and engineering firm from Longmont, Colorado
- University of Colorado Boulder
- Chinese firm Dalian Atech Inc. together with Fuller & Associates from San Fransisco, USA

About SenseAir
Business: Competence in gas sensing with infrared technology. Development of carbon dioxide sensors since late 80s. World leader in their field. Extensive patent holders.
Production, research and development department: Delsbo, Northern Sweden.

Sales offices: Stockholm, Sweden, Chengdu, China and Portland, USA