Technology from SenseAir measures greenhouse gases


Dr Paul Smith has been at SenseAir in Sweden for a Short-Term-Scientific-Mission (STSM)  under the framework of COST Action TD1105 – EuNetAir, which promotes new sensing technologies for air quality measurement, and fosters co-operation between academic research departments and SME’s.

- The STSM with SenseAir has been a very positive experience. I have a greater appreciation of the issues faced by SME’s in developing sensors. After presenting my research to staff at SenseAir, they have a better understanding of what we are doing. I look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Dr Paul Smith, Cambridge University, completed a two-week STSM with SenseAir, Delsbo, Sweden. The purpose was to help build and characterise prototype CO2 sensors adapted from SenseAir’s exisiting Alkolock (iBASS) technology,  which utilises a minature long-path length NDIR platform to give fast response and greater sensitivity to CO2 compared to exisiting methods for measuring greenhouse gases.

-My research project at Cambridge University, is to integrate this sensor into a package suitable for use with weather balloons. The sensor therefore, needs to be able to withstand extremes of temperature and pressure, be cheap, and low power. I am working in partnership with SenseAir to find solutions to these problems.

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