Swedish measurement technology for greenhouse gases proceed in international competition


Swedish company SenseAir in cooperation with American RAE Systems is one of the four competing teams who have qualified for phase two in Methane Detectors Challenge. A competition about producing the best technology for the detection of methane leakage and thus reduce harmful effects on people and the environment. 

More than 20 international companies have already been knocked out, and after the latest test phase the SenseAir and RAE Systems team, is one of the four entries in the final stretch. It is the well-known American environmental organization EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) which, together with seven major oil and gas companies announced a competition to produce methane monitoring equipment. This will help the oil and gas industry to find and fix unwanted methane leakage.

SenseAir’s recognized sensor technology, has in collaboration with with RAE Systems, a division Honeywell Analytics, developed a mature and production-ready solution that is at the forefront against the remaining competitors. 

- It feels like a tremendous achievement to have come this far in the competition. Now it’s only us and three other companies left and that reinforces our place on the market as a manufacturing research and development company of international standing, says Carl Bengtsson, Technology Account Manager at SenseAir. For us the other testing phase means a greater integration challenge with Honeywell systems for remote monitoring and radio transmission, to ensure a stable long-term operation and power supply from a solar panel to name a few things.

Methane Detectors Challenge brings SenseAir an opportunity to commercialize a new product, initially developed to measure alcohol in the air. It has since evolved along with a technique for measuring methane in Chinese coal mines in a research project in collaboration with Fiber Optic Valley and Acreo Sweidsh ICT.  The Methane Challenge takes the technology to another level. The purpose of the product is to detect leakage of methane in order to be able to fix and seal these leaks. Something that is completely in line with the company’s environmental profile. Any leakage counteracts the normal benefit of an energy shift from coal and oil to natural gas, as the release of methane has a negative environmental impact, contributing to the greenhouse effect. The gas is also harmful to both humans and animals.

The second more field based phase is scheduled for March 2015. All testing is done at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. During the late spring / early summer of 2015, product proposals will undergo intensive tests and evaluations. The third and final phase  constitute pilot production and installation of products, scheduled for late 2015. Testing and verification will then also be carried out on the oil and gas companies facilities

The other three contestants who qualified:

· Quanta3, LLC, an engineering firm in Longmont, Colorado

· University of Colorado Boulder

· Dalian Atech Inc. in association with Fuller & Associates from San Fransisco, California

For more information please contact;

  • Carl Bengtsson, Technology Account Manager at SenseAir, phone; +46 653-531 307 or 
  • Helén Fredin, Marketing Communications Manager at SenseAir, phone: +46 653-717 742

SenseAir AB is an expanding, innovation-based gas sensor company with an environment-friendly profile, situated in Dellenbygden in Hälsingland, Sweden. The company develops and produces infrared gas sensors and has a world-wide market. With 20 years of experience and through cooperation with various high-tech consortiums SenseAir has acquired a large and broad technology base and unique know-how in production methods for gas meters. The company is a world leader in its field. Our sensors can be used for: demand-controlled ventilation, personnel safety, growth maximisation, future health care, indoor and outdoor climate monitoring, energy optimisation etc.