Fiber Optic Valley earns European Quality Label


Fiber Optic Valley was benchmarked according to a benchmarking approach developed by VDI/VDE Innovation  and Technik GmbH in the context of the project NGP Excellence – Cluster Excellence in the Nordic Countries, Germany and Poland.

The project benchmarked 143 clusters in seven European Countries. By participating in this benchmarking the cluster organisation has expressed its interest in striving for cluster management excellence. The Bronze Label forms part of the Quality Label System that is currently developed within the European Cluster Excellence Initiative to create an independent voluntary proof of cluster management excellence that is accepted and recognized all over Europe.

The Quality Label will motivate cluster managers to compare with each other and to learn from the best. Benchmarking plays an important role in this respect. The Quality Label is applicable for all different types of clusters existing all over Europe and will enable cluster managers to demonstrate their excellence towards interested third parties like members, stakeholder and policy makers. The Bronze Label is awarded for two years and can be renewed by participating in a follow-up benchmarking. Awarded with the Bronze Label you qualify for membership in the “European Cluster Manager Club”, a network of excellent cluster managers and practitioners initiated by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative