Boost Innovation™

We know there are a lot of interesting people with phenomenal solutions out there. We also know that there are challenges among our member companies. To raise the equation Fiber Optic Valley organizes a innovation contest Boost Innovation ™ exclusively for our members , a competition that celebrates four years this year (2016). The competition approach has varied over time , but always had the aim to connect the commercial needs with an innovative solution – what Fiber Optic Valley do best.

The competition aims to increase innovation and interesting figures from last year’s contest is that it reached out to a total of 1,010,743 people through the web and social media , which was 262.425 unique visitors and 3,341 individual clicks on the competition page.


Maybe you and your colleagues will win EUR 2,500 this year?

We believe in students, researchers and entrepreneurs and invites you to solve a problem- and make money. In the first step of the competition, some of our 60 members have chosen a business related problem, a challenge, that if it solves means increased competitiveness, higher profitability and more efficient business. Three of the challenges passed to the second step of the competition, and now we need your competence and creativity. Do you and your colleagues have the solution? If so, you have the chance to win 2500 euros!

The three challenges are written below. Click on the challenge you want to solve and write your proposal by filling in the form.

Competition Deadline
24:00 Friday September 30, 2016


Challenge No.1

Find a way to detect unseen damp with new technology

Have you got a bright idea of the best sensor technology to detect unseen damp in older heritage buildings? There is a great need to be able to perform measurement of damp from the outside of buildings, with no impact on the facade. Take the opportunity to compete with a clever solution and win SEK 25 000! Read more >

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Challenge No.2

Use new technology to predict ground conditions when excavating

The single largest cost of the developent of broadband infrastructure is excavation and restoration. Often, the final price ends up beeing twice as expensive as expected because it is common to encounter problems. Maybe you can think of a way to create or develop sensors that can be used to predict ground conditions? Take the challenge and compete with your solution with a chance to win SEK 25 000! Read more >

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Challenge No.3

Find a fun way to use sensors together  with mobile technology to improve the environment!

Take the opportunity to take on a challenge that affects us all! Here lies the trickery of one of our time’s most important tasks: to try to slow down our impact on the climate. To improve the chances to succeed we need more tools for both the public and for decision makers, tools that provides both knowledge and can change our behavior. Can you find a solution? Take the opportunity and get a chance to win SEK 25 000! Read more>

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2015 Winner of Boost Innovation™ – the Gävle company Radarbolaget

The three challenges in the competition has reached over a million students, researchers and entrepreneurs who could send in their solutions for the chance to win 2 500 euro and be a part of the innovation. At Science and Innovation Days October 13 the winner was announced – the Swedish radar company Radarbolaget! On second place came Hexatronic cables and Interconnect in Hudiksvall and third place for The Big 5 Predator Center in Järvsö. 

From left  Benny Gäfvert, Rovdjurscentret De Fem Stora, Patrik Ottosson, Radarbolaget och Peter Lo Curzio, Hexatronic Cables and Interconnect.

A united jury selected the winner based on criteria about the potential, level of innovation and implementation. The winner Radarbolaget had the challenge with the greatest potential along with best solution who came from the University of Gävle . The finalists received their prize in Sundsvall in Science & Innovation Day in the evening of 13 October 2015.

The jury’s motivations;

Radarbolaget, in collaboration with the University of Gävle solve industry challenges with accurate radar measurements at high temperatures; The jury said: ”A winning contribution with clear innovation that improves the accuracy and efficiency measurements in manufacturing processes. In addition, a trustworthy cooperation with strong roots in the regional centers of excellence and the potential to become internationally reguested”

Price: Radarbolaget 200 000 SEK and the University of Gävle 25 000 SEK .
What happened afterwards ? Read more (in swedish)>>

In second place, Hexatronic Cables and Interconnect in collaboration with Opticreach develops new technology to install fiber faster, easier and cheaper. The jury said: ”An innovation with clear needs that can revolutionize the broadband rollout. An international constellation that combines several existing technologies”

Price: Hexatronic Cables and Interconnect 100 000 SEK & Opticreach SEK 25 000 SEK.
What happened afterwards ? Read more (in swedish) >>

In third place, Rovdjurscentret De 5 Stora (Predator Centre The Big 5) in conjunction with the STC at Mid Sweden University is developing sensor technology for identifying wildlife in the area. The jury said: ” An innovation that created interest among academics from around the world . The potential to become an international research project in the world market . ”

Price: Rovdjurscentret De 5 Stora 50 000 SEK and STC 25 000 SEK .
What happened afterwards? Read more (in swedish) >>

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About Boost Innovation ™
The aim of the Boost Innovation™ contest is to contribute to regional growth by stimulating transnational cooperation between different operators in Fiber Optic Valley’s business areas in collaborations that might ultimately lead to the development of new innovations.

The competition seeks to define new development areas in Fiber Optic Valley’s business areas – broadband and sensor technology. For example, it could be verifying a project to commercialize a new product or service, developing a prototype or a business model, or defining the market potential of an innovation.