Boost Innovation™

We know there are a lot of interesting people with phenomenal solutions out there. We also know that there are challenges among our member companies. To raise the equation Fiber Optic Valley organizes a innovation contest Boost Innovation ™ exclusively for our members , a competition that celebrates four years this year (2016). The competition approach has varied over time , but always had the aim to connect the commercial needs with an innovative solution – what Fiber Optic Valley do best.

The competition aims to increase innovation and interesting figures from last year’s contest is that it reached out to a total of 917,623 people through the web and social media , which was 177.091 unique visitors and 4,690 individual clicks on the competition page.

Thank you to our contest participants: Winners of Boost Innovation™ 2016 is announced!

SenseAir AB in Delsbo is the winner of Innovation Boost ™ 2016 and wins 200 000 SEK in pre-study funds. SenseAir recived their best solution from Middlesex University in London called “MohAir”.

Terms for the competition – rules & eligibility


Challenge No.1

Find a way to detect unseen damp with new technology

Have you got a bright idea of the best sensor technology to detect unseen damp in older heritage buildings? There is a great need to be able to perform measurement of damp from the outside of buildings, with no impact on the facade.

Winning solution for this challenge:

Muhammad Imran and Mattias ONils from the research environment Sensible Things that Communicate, STC, Mid Sweden University, develops new sensor to detect moisture without affecting facades.

The jury said: ”An innovation with a clear need and potential to become a global product. In addition, a trustworthy cooperation with the ability to quickly reach the market.

Muhammad Imran and Mattias ONils 25.000 swedish krona and Flying Eyes in Hudiksvall AB 50.000 swedish krona to use in pre-study funds.


Challenge No.2

Use new technology to predict ground conditions when excavating

The single largest cost of the developent of broadband infrastructure is excavation and restoration. Often, the final price ends up beeing twice as expensive as expected because it is common to encounter problems. Maybe you can think of a way to create or develop sensors that can be used to predict ground conditions?

Winning solution for this challenge:

Kenechukwu Nwobu at the University of Nigeria Secondary School, Enugu Campus, solve society’s challenges by anticipating soil conditions to build broadband infrastructure faster, easier and cheaper.

The jury said: ”A solution that innovatively combines existing technologies to early anticipate challenges and increase accuracy and efficiency. Great potential to significantly reduce the cost of new broadband infrastructure.


Kenechukwu Nwobu 25.000 swedish krona and Hallgren Trading AB 50.000 swedish krona to use in pre-study funds.


Challenge No.3

Find a fun way to use sensors together with mobile technology to improve the environment!

Take the opportunity to take on a challenge that affects us all! Here lies the trickery of one of our time’s most important tasks: to try to slow down our impact on the climate. To improve the chances to succeed we need more tools for both the public and for decision makers, tools that provides both knowledge and can change our behavior.

Winning solution for this challenge:

Maryna Razakhatskaya student in Creative Technology at Middlesex University London is developing, in a very creative way, a unique accessory for those who want to keep an eye on the environment, while contributing to a sustainable environment.

The jury said: ”A winning contribution, segregation of innovation combines cutting-edge technology, social media and humor to put our greatest societal challenge on the agenda. An innovation that really is for everyone with great potential to become internationally sought ”


Maryna Razakhatskaya 25.000 swedish krona and SenseAir AB 200.000 swedish krona to use in pre-study funds.

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About Boost Innovation ™
The aim of the Boost Innovation™ contest is to contribute to regional growth by stimulating transnational cooperation between different operators in Fiber Optic Valley’s business areas in collaborations that might ultimately lead to the development of new innovations.

The competition seeks to define new development areas in Fiber Optic Valley’s business areas – broadband and sensor technology. For example, it could be verifying a project to commercialize a new product or service, developing a prototype or a business model, or defining the market potential of an innovation.