Find a way to detect unseen damp with new technology

Have you got a bright idea of the best sensor technology to detect unseen damp in older heritage buildings? There is a great need to be able to perform measurement of damp from the outside of buildings, with no impact on the facade. Take the opportunity to compete with a clever solution and win SEK 25 000!

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– There is a lot of damp in buildings that are not detected, says Anders Mohss at the company Flying Eyes (FE i Hudiksvall AB). The damp causes frost damages that eventually leads to extensive renovations. A good example is all old churches.

The demand on the market is high for a good solution to detect damp, and we are therefore looking for new methods and solutions. Perhaps you can develop an algorithm to better interpret IR-images? Or improve existing sensors or develope new ones?

Target group
Older buildings as apartments, industrial buildings and cultural buildings in Sweden and around the world. For example has the Swedish Church about 2700 churches, which today costs about 1 billion SEK to inspect, maintain and repair annually. The Swedish Church has an maintenance plan saying that each church should undergo a major inspection at least every 10 years, which means that about 22 churches per month should be inspected continuously. In the current situation are about 22 churches per year inspected, so there is great potential!

The service has the potential to be used both Sweden and elsewhere. For example, there are about 110,000 churches and cathedrals around Europe.


FE in Hudiksvall AB (Flying Eyes)

Anders Mohss

Phone: 070-324 03 64

Peter Karlsson
Phone: 073-333 55 23

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