Use new technology to predict ground conditions when excavating

The single largest cost of the developent of broadband infrastructure is excavation and restoration. Often, the final price ends up beeing twice as expensive as expected because it is common to encounter problems. Maybe you can think of a way to create or develop sensors that can be used to predict ground conditions? Take the challenge and compete with your solution with a chance to win SEK 25 000!

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– The hard part is that you never know what you will bump into, says Morgan Hallgren at Hallgren Trading AB. There may be stones or a water source that will cause problems and affect the price significantly. This means that the estimated price rarely will be the final price, which means that many are reluctant to start a project where excavating is included.

Maybe you can come up with a solution where the sensors on for example drones can analyze the ground with much greater accuracy? It could affect the precision of cost estimates significantly, and the method could become an integral part of land planning in the future. It could also be used to explore if the shortest route is the best, or if it is an option to dig around to avoid problem areas.

Target groups
Network owners, entrepreneurs, projectors

Your solution could potentialy have several spin-off effects for other industries, such as engineering associated with new constructions, drainage, liming, road planning, cultivation of specific crops etc.


Exact GPS data must be collected as different excavation methods are sometimes needed at the same section.

Contact Information:

Morgan Hallgren, Hallgren Trading AB.
Phone: 070-379 68 00

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