Find a fun way to use sensors together  with mobile technology to improve the environment!

Take the opportunity to take on a challenge that affects us all! Here lies the trickery of one of our time’s most important tasks: to try to slow down our impact on the climate. To improve the chances to succeed we need more tools for both the public and for decision makers, tools that provides both knowledge and can change our behavior. Can you find a solution? Take the opportunity and get a chance to win SEK 25 000!

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Gas sensors together with mobile technology are potential key components of our future climate impact. Already today, for example, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide are measured at a reasonable cost in relation to the measurement performance. And we have the ability to produce large volumes of wireless and maintenance-free gas sensors based on infrared technology.

Maybe you can suggest an application that uses gas sensors together  with mobile technology and provide direct environmental benefits? Or another attractive application as a service or as a game? The application must as a side-effect influence our behavior, create commitment or better knowledge of our climate. You could, with the help of infrared gas sensors and mobile technology help to impel climate development in the right direction.

– The key to this challenge is the fun factor, says Henrik Rödjegård on SenseAir AB. Being able to create something that is fun and at the same time is important. Something that people actually want. Something that also makes a difference, each step in the right direction is so important.

Examples that exists today
An example of an application that is being used today is the building ventilation. Since human breath contains high levels of carbon dioxide the ventilation requirements can be set by measuring the carbon dioxide content and reduce the ventilation when the premises are empty. Maybe you can think of something similar and equally as useful?

As a user, it is often more fun to be encouraged than to be warned and restricted. Gas sensors can be used to directly and indirectly measure the environmental impact. Someone should also be willing to pay for the benefits the sensors or applications provides.

The challenge is addressed to the public and to decision makers.

An application helps citizens with one of the necessary steps required to regain control of our climate. Help us to influence with your knowledge!


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Do you have a solution? Apply today!

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