Five questions to Abdulrahman Kanaa

Meet Abdulrahman from Syria, a electronics engineer with passion for digitalization how ended up working for RISE Acero in Hudiksvall.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Abdulrahman is my long name, so everyone calls me ”Raman”. I come from Syria and I am a 32 years old electronics engineer. I have four siblings, one sister lives in Australia, another sister lives with my parents in Germany and two elder brothers in Sweden. Travelling is my passion and it broadens my mind. I have been to Turkey, China, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, KSA and Kuwait.

I have a PhD degree in electrical engineering (Digital Signal Processing) from university of technology Malaysia. I worked in Saudi as an RF engineer for mobile communications. In the Academic sector, after receiving the best student award, I worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant in several projects during my study. I do different programming languages such as C++, MALAB, Java and Python.

How did you end up working for RISE Acreo in Hudiksvall?
After I finished my PhD, the war was still going on in Syria and there was no safe way to go back. By a prior arrangement with the UN, on med February 2017, I moved to Sweden (extremely cold with an exceptionally fresh air) from Malaysia (tropically hot with almost non-stop showers). Hudiksvall was my final destination. A lovely city with welcoming and cheerful people. Thing has gone fast for me since I arrived. On April 2017, with the aid of “arbetsförmedling” I joined Acreo and started a new career.

What are your driving forces?
It is great not only to gain more experience but also to share and provide knowledge. RISE Acreo provides a perfect environment where I meet professional and innovative colleagues on a daily basis. My major motivation is to apply digitalization in different areas and come up with new ideas to improve the quality of life.

What are you working on right now? Any special projects or cool things you can tell us about?
I am currently working on project for the schools in Hudiksvalls municipality. My task is to design an efficient device with multiple sensors to measure a variety of environmental parameters such as CO2, humidity, pressure, noise and lamination. Several devices will be installed in different schools in Sweden and the data will be sent wirelessly to Acreo testbed. The stored data will be further analyzed to extract more information. My upcoming project is to investigate on IoT and design a tool to facilitate and improve recycling.

What do you do on a day off?
On a day off, I usually drive to another city to meet friends, hang around, go fishing, grill and watch movies. During my free times, I swim, go to the gym, meet locals over “fika” and improve my Swedish language as well.

Bonus question – Tell us something we don’t know!
I like to collect perfumes, so I surf the internet looking for special ones! I also used to do car drifting in play grounds. I do memorize numbers as figures, this helps me to remember unsaved contacts. So if you call me a second time and your number is not in my list, I can tell who you are!

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