Meet Sandeep Rao, the student and brain behind the best solution in Boost Innovation™ 2017

What made Sandeep Rao, a 17-year-old high school student from Mysore, India participate in a Swedish innovation competition? This is all you need to know about him.

An award-winning student

Sandeep Rao is a 17-year-old student from Mysore, India that will graduate high school from Excel Public School in 2019. Despite his age, Sandeep already has several impressive accomplishments under his belt. He is a member of the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences, and The Junior Academy. He has brought distinction to his school by being ranked number one in the world in the International English Olympiad and being selected as a finalist for the PepsiCo Healthier Snack Challenge. He has also received a full scholarship for his research on micronutrient deficiencies to attend the Bicentennial celebrations of The New York Academy of Sciences, NYC, a GripTape challenger. He is currently working on a project that is funded by GripTape and now he can add Winner of the best solution in Boost Innovation™ 2017 to his list.

“The main force that drives or motivates me to embark upon new challenges and overcome obstacles is my passion and interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, and problems. I’m fascinated by finding the simplest of solutions to the most complex of problems, so I try my best to do so with any problem I encounter”, says Sandeep Rao.

Kind-hearted and social person

Sandeep is interested in socializing with new people and learning things from them, and he strongly believes that everyone has a place in this world. He is also passionate about volunteering and giving back to society, thus spends his weekends volunteering at shelter homes by tutoring underprivileged children.

“I’ve also recently developed an interest in healthcare and in particular, in working on problems related to its cross-section with technology to better people’s lives. So I’m always working on these kind of projects,” says Sandeep Rao.

Rewarded for best solution

Sandeep found out about the competition Boost Innovation™ through a website called studentcompetitions. The challenge was to answer the question of how the company MYoroface could digitize their product IQoro, a globally unique neuromuscular device that cures snoring and swallowing problems. Of course, Sandeep had the answer to that challenge.

“I was impressed after reading the documentation on the prevalence of dysphagia in the west and how MYoroface had designed a remarkable product to help suffering patients. So I decided to both challenge myself and put my skills to the test, and participated in the competition”, says Sandeep Rao.

His proposal was selected as the winner by MYoroface because of his well-documented solution with all manner of information from sketches to how MYoroface could implement the new features.

“Without the Boost Innovation competition we would never have received this proposal. The solution gives us great potential for the future and we look forward to working on the development of our product Iqoro”, says Ylvali Gerling, CEO of MYoroface AB.

Sandeep will now receive SEK 25,000 for his solution, a prize he never thought he would win.

“Participating in this challenge was a lot of fun, and winning it wasn’t on my agenda. I just wanted to help, in whatever way I could, to make the lives of people suffering from a debilitating disease better. However, I am very grateful to MYoroface for choosing my design as the winning one, and I must say that it feels great”, says Sandeep Rao.

Future in artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare

Sandeep’s future plans are focused on pursuing his work in AI-integrated medical services, providing basic healthcare free to all, and becoming an entrepreneur.

“I plan to go to college/university and take courses in business, math, and computer science after graduating high school. I’m currently working my way towards becoming an entrepreneur somewhere in the realm of artificial intelligence and healthcare. I’m also interested in startups and hope to create one someday and work in one soon”, says Sandeep Rao.

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